"We make a pretty good team, you know."

Character development? Yeah, I think so…

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Here’s what I love about Comic Con: The anticipation all year and then everybody’s just ready. It’s like a weekend-long orgasm.

Lmao. This is not an exaggeration. It really is.

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he is God’s gift 

never seen an actor having so much fun via being basically himself. 

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Nathan Fillion on Conan O’Brien | April 15, 2014

And this lady said, “Oh, the irony. I’m here in a car full of celebrities.” And I say well, let’s say hello and I put the window down and I say, “Hey, everybody in the van! This is JR Bourne. He was on Revenge and Teen Wolf and this is Michael Trucco. He’s from Revenge and Battlestar Galactica. They’re going, “Oh my god!” *click click click click click* They’re having a great time! (x)

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We had a Castle’s birthday party. If we have a season 7, can we please have a Kate’s birthday? It’s on a monday this year.

That’d be awesome.

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The ultimate Caskett kissing post

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- You know? How?
- I mean, it’s us, so.

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